Organization 페이지 비주얼이미지


Organization Chart


An Organization Chart as of the end of May 2019 (including a temporary organization)


  • Office of the President
  • Public Relations Department
  • Social Value Enhancement and Innovation Department
  • Port Safety Department

Port Commission

  • Audit and Inspection Committee
  • Audit and Inspection Department

Management Division

  • Planning and Coordination Department
  • Management Support Department
  • Finance and Accounting Department
  • Information and Security Department
  • Seoul Office of Busan Port Authority

Operation Division

  • Logistics Policy Department
  • Port Operation Department
  • Port Industry Department
  • Busan New port Office
  • Gamcheon Office
  • Busan port Improvement servicesTF

Construction Division

  • Construction Planning Department
  • Advanced Port Technology Department
  • Port Construction Department
  • Facilities Management Department

Global Business Division

  • Overseas Business Department
  • Marketing Department
  • Logistics and Maritime Research Department

Port Redevelopment Division

  • Port Redevelopment Department
  • Investment Promotion Department